Save, earn and invest in your agribusiness through our network of agricultural inputs providers; seeds, fertilizers, chemicals, tractors, drones, etc.

Why Save For Inputs with Agricpay

During harvest season, farmers typically have money, but it quickly depletes before the next planting season. It’s during this planting time that farmers need to invest as little as $150 in their farmers to double the amount of their yield.

With the power of thousands of farmers in our network and an existing relationship with input companies, Agricpay has a highly competitive price on farm-inputs. We negotiate for you, securing savings that are then passed on to farmers.

Benefits of saving for farm inputs with Agricpay

No cash constraint

You don’t have to worry about capital to buy farm inputs at the start of the farm season, no matter the cost of your input needs.


Our farmers and input suppliers network allows for a higher discount on farm-inputs, with guaranteed quality.


At the start of your farming season, farm-inputs are delivered to your location to start your farming.

Farm Expansion

You are able to plan a farm expansion ahead of time with our input savings.

What Agricpay offers


Receive seeds without any hassles. Agricpay delivers high-quality seeds to you at the start of every farm season, without you having to worry about any capital.


We offer the best quality and govt approved fertilizers to you whenever you need it, to help increase your farm yield.


Agricpay offers tractors for cluster and individual use for farmers. Our partnerships with tractor companies ensure that we have easy and affordable access to tractors.


To address agricultural production risks, Agricpay provides Insurance services through partnerships to protect farmers from the effects of market instability and natural hazards. While small businesses can buy insurance policies separately, many insurers combine the common property and liability coverage into a single policy, which can be very expensive to maintain for farmers. With Agricpay savings plan, farmers can manage insurance policies conveniently.

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