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Creating wealth for smallholder farmers by empowering them to invest in their farm.

About Agricpay

The Problem

During harvest time, farmers usually have money but it quickly depletes before planting time. And it’s during planting time that they need to invest as little as $30 or $50 in their farms to double the amount of their yield. A typical smallholder farmer planting on an acre of land needs between $80 to $200 to access the right farm inputs. This is a huge amount of money for a farmer struggling to feed her family.

Seeds and fertilizer are two of the biggest costs in a smallholder farmer’s life because they are sold differently and in a lump sum. Where a farmer can go to her local store and buy 50 cents of milk, seeds, fertilizer or other farm inputs are only sold in a bulk of $80 and above

The Solution

At Agricpay, we decided to hack that bulk purchase of farm inputs into a $1 prepayment on a daily or weekly basis. And each time a farmer buys a card it accumulates money in their layaway account until finally at planting time when we deliver the farm inputs that she has paid for with her savings.

The interesting part of this tech is, that’s how these farmers buy prepaid minutes for their phones. So, Our mobile layaway system enables smallholder farmers in local communities to save towards planting season, so they can invest their own money in their farm.

Our solution provides communities with the easiest way of saving money and investing that money into their business, replacing the rudimentary way of saving money in boxes and in people’s homes to a more secure, reliable and easy to save.

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