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Earn up to 10% on your savings for farm inputs

We are unlocking "savings and investment" for farmers

We use strategic approach in every community and find actionable solutions that will help farmers in these communities achieve financial freedom.

Invoice Financing

Financing for produce suppliers

Produce traders financing without using land as collateral, with funding in less than 3 working days.


Invoice financing explained in 5 easy steps

  • Agricpay funds suppliers for every purchase order recieved 
  • Suppliers ship produce to buyers
  • Buyers pay Agricpay
  • Agricpay keeps a portion of the funds to cover financing and sends the remaining money to the supplier

Our Partners

The entire agriculture value chain is very big. At Agricpay, we know we can’t do it all by ourselves, that’s why we are fostering strategic partnerships with organizations that align with our values and mission. We are always looking for more of such partnerships and invite you to reach out if interested in working with us 

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